NTP on 7.1 BETA amd64 odd behaviour

Leslie Jensen leslie at eskk.nu
Thu Sep 18 13:01:38 UTC 2008

I have one 7.0-RELEASE machine running NTP with the following settings.

---------------- rc.conf -----------------
ntpd_flags="-c /etc/ntp.conf -p /var/run/ntpd.pid"

---------------- ntp.conf ---------------
server ntp2.sp.se
server ntp.lth.se
server ntp1.sp.se
driftfile /etc/ntp/ntp.drift

on my second machine  7.1-BETA amd64, the same configuration produces 
this error

:/etc/rc.d/ntpd start
Starting ntpd.
ERROR:  only one configfile option allowed
ntpd - NTP daemon program - Ver. 4.2.4p5
USAGE:  ntpd [ -<flag> [<val>] | --<name>[{=| }<val>] ]...
   Flg Arg Option-Name    Description
    -4 no  ipv4           Force IPv4 DNS name resolution
    -6 no  ipv6           Force IPv6 DNS name resolution
    -a no  authreq        Require crypto authentication
    -A no  authnoreq      Do not require crypto authentication
    -b no  bcastsync      Allow us to sync to broadcast servers
    -c Str configfile     configuration file name
    -f Str driftfile      frequency drift file name
    -g no  panicgate      Allow the first adjustment to be Big
    -i Str jaildir        Jail directory
    -I Str interface      Listen on interface
    -k Str keyfile        path to symmetric keys
    -l Str logfile        path to the log file
    -L no  novirtualips   Do not listen to virtual IPs
    -n no  nofork         Do not fork
    -N no  nice           Run at high priority
    -p Str pidfile        path to the PID file
    -P Num priority       Process priority
    -q no  quit           Set the time and quit
    -r Str propagationdelay Broadcast/propagation delay
    -U Num updateinterval interval in seconds between scans for new or 
dropped in
    -s Str statsdir       Statistics file location
    -t Str trustedkey     Trusted key number
    -u Str user           Run as userid (or userid:groupid)
    -v Str var            make ARG an ntp variable (RW)
    -V Str dvar           make ARG an ntp variable (RW|DEF)
    -x no  slew           Slew up to 600 seconds
    -v opt version        Output version information and exit
    -? no  help           Display usage information and exit
    -! no  more-help      Extended usage information passed thru pager

Options are specified by doubled hyphens and their name
or by a single hyphen and the flag character.

please send bug reports to:  http://bugs.ntp.isc.org, bugs at ntp.org


If I comment out the

ntpd_flags="-c /etc/ntp.conf -p /var/run/ntpd.pid"


ntp starts without any error.

Should I accept this or is something wrong?


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