Mystical Server Shutdown.

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Thu Sep 18 09:33:36 UTC 2008

If you applied all the Matthew's suggestions and it is still a
mystery, and if server's shutdown is clean, look for a
a (buggy) user land process that sends SIGUSR2 signal
to init(1).

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> Grant Peel wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I started getting watchmouse errors about on pf my servers not 
>> responding. There is a DRAC on the machine, and the sensor data was 
>> all good. When I got the machine back up and running, I seen this in 
>> lastlog:
>> client1         ftp      hostname1here  Wed Sep 17 17:02 - shutdown  
>> (00:46)
>> client2         ftp      hostname2here  Wed Sep 17 17:02 - shutdown  
>> (00:46)
>> client2         ftp      hostname2here  Wed Sep 17 17:02 - shutdown  
>> (00:46)
>> client3         ftp      hostname3here  Wed Sep 17 17:01 - 17:06  
>> (00:04)
>> Should I be worried about seeing 'shutdown' in an ftp line of last?
> That just means the ftp user was still logged in at the time the
> system shut down.
>> If not, how would you suggest I find the process or program that 
>> issued the shutdown command?
> Read the system logs, basically.  /var/log/messages or /var/log/all.log
> (if you've enabled it).  The shutdown(8) command will always write
> syslog messages when invoked.  halt(8) or reboot(8) will write a 
> 'shutdown'
> record into wtmp (ie. look at 'last shutdown') but don't log anything
> to syslog.
> However, you're quite likely to find that there is nothing in the log
> or wtmp files to explain what happened.  All this means is that the
> system went down suddenly -- perhaps power dropped out momentarily, or
> a thermal cutout tripped or the system panic'd for one of any number 
> of reasons.  You'ld be able to detect log file traces showing fsck(8)
> being run on the root f/s following any of those sort of unclean 
> shutdowns, and if the system panic'd then you may well have a core 
> dump sitting in /var/db/crash -- depends whether you've enabled that 
> functionality or not.
>     Cheers,
>     Matthew


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