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   [4]   Tips & Tricks
   Be wary of files that you execute as they may contain a malici   application. This method of infection is commonly used by
   hackers.<   2.
   Disable file/printer sharing whilst not in use as this may pro   an opening for hackers to gain entry to your PC.
   If in use, secure your File/Printer sharing with permission a   and passwords to make unlawful entry more difficult.
   Do not run unnecessary applications that require an internet/   connection. Leaving them running in the background is like leavin   your front door open.
   5. [5]Get a Firewall. Firewalls are    attacks and preventing illegal entry into your P   and inform what comes and goes from your computer.
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   3D"   [7]RogueAntiSpyware.
   PCHealthCenter<   3D"   [8]HackTool.Winlocker.C
   3D"   [9]Trojan-Downloader.VBS.BL
   3D"   The above infections can be detected and cleaned    Internet Security and [10]Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus<   3D"" 3D"" 3D""
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   [11]PC Tools' Security Software Adds ThreatFir
   [12]Doctor Remedy To Nasty Internet Viruses

   [13]Review: PC Tools Desktop Maestro 3
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