freeBSD 7.0 supports ACE Proactor?

Mungyung Ryu rumuru at
Wed Sep 17 19:45:15 UTC 2008

 <freebsd-questions at>Hi freeBSD users,

I've developed couple of server applications on Windows platform with ACE
and it worked quite well. But, because of the expensive Windows Server,
I wanna move to Linux or freeBSD.

Recently, I'm considering to build a server application on freeBSD but the
important issue
is whether the freeBSD supports ACE Proactor framework.
I googled about it and Linux doesn't support it well because Linux doesn't
support AIO (asynchronous I/O) on socket.
Moreover, most of the ACE professionals recommend to use Reactor framework
on Linux.

My questions is..

1. freeBSD supports AIO on socket?

2. I can use ACE Proactor on freeBSD 7.0 without any problem? Is it stable?

-- MK

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