ronggui ronggui.huang at
Wed Sep 17 03:18:48 UTC 2008

Dear Users,

My laptop is ASUS M2Ne, and the OS is FreeBSD 7.0. I would like to
keep my PC standby when it is not in use.  I have noticed a web page
about "FreeBSD on laptops"
( It says
that if I want to figure out if the power management system can
support mine, I have to try every possible option. I wonder if there
is any list telling what models the apm or acpi system supports?

If them can not support the Asus M2Ne, and I want to inquire a related
question. If the laptop is on but not in standby or hibernated mode,
and I want to bring it with me, moving from a room to another from
time to time. Will this action bring damage to my laptop? Should I
always shutdown it before I move it?

Thanks in advance!

HUANG Ronggui, Wincent
Ph.D. Candidate, CityU of HK
Master of sociology, Fudan University, China
Bachelor of Social Work, Fudan University, China

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