Being a shell provider - good business?

Vincent Hoffman vince at
Tue Sep 16 16:27:58 UTC 2008

CyberLeo Kitsana wrote:
> Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>> But getting back to the discussion - the OP's friend seemed like
>> he -wanted- to get involved in some rather Bad People.
> I'm not entirely sure, but I can't find anyone in this thread whose
> actually talked with the OP's friend other than the OP themselves, who
> seems to be biased against the idea in the first place. I'm not sure how
> such an assertion can be safely made under the circumstances.
> Personally, I've always been looking for ways to secure the shell
> service I provide, for things such as webspace file transfer and
> MUCK/MUD gameserver hosting. I dislike providing FTP to people, as it's
> so insecure and firewall-unfriendly, but chrooting SSH/SFTP in a
> suitable manner is something I've never been able to successfully complete.
> I had something going with Busybox on a test linux box, but alas,
> compilation fails horribly on FreeBSD for reasons not adequately explored.
there was some work at getting busybox working for freebsd, see

> So, for now, I stick with judicious use of UID-based firewall rules,
> careful application of unix file permissions, the
> security.bsd.see_other_uids sysctl, and knowing personally each person I
> host, so I can personally deal with them if they venture into
> not-so-nice territory.

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