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Tue Sep 16 00:10:03 UTC 2008

On Mon, 15 Sep 2008 08:11:55 -0400
Robert Huff <roberthuff at> wrote:

> FBSD1 writes:
> >  Running FreeBSD 7.0 Xorg/KDE/ Firefox browser. 
> >  Trying to use yahoo web messenger on Firefox.
> >  The yahoo web messenger website says I need adobe flash player. 
> >  So I installed the linux-flashplugin7 from the package system.
> >  
> >  Still can not get yahoo web messenger to run on Firefox.
> >  
> >  Does any one have this working? Am I beating a dead horse?
> >  
> >  Any pointers would be helpful.
> 	Four cases:
> 	1) native browser, flashplayer7.  Problem: many sites require
> 		flashplayer9, also flash7 has known security issues.

I don't think it has at the moment, it's just not very useful.

> 	2) native browser, flashplayer9.  Problem: flash9 doesn't
> work, pretty much at all.  Debugging is complex, made worse by
> 		flash* being a closed product.
> 	3) Linux browser, flashplayer9.  Reported to work much better,
> 		but still not trouble-free.  (Anecdotal evidence says
> 		flash9 sometimes has probles on genuine Linux

In my experience there's no significant difference between 2 and 3
(unless the linux browser is running on a real linux under some form
of virtualization). Both cases run the linux flashplayer under linux
emulation, which is where the main problems lie.

> systems.) 4) Wine, Windows browser, Windows flashplayer.  Reported to
> 		work well, but performance uncertain.  Check with Wine
> 		docs (online) for possible problems.

This is the only option that works for me.

> 	There are also plugin and swfdec; both support some but not
> all of flash7.  Both are also native+open source, and under
> development.

I have the gnash plugin installed and I find that it rarely works for
anything useful. All it ever seems to do correctly is display flash
adverts that get past adzap. On occasions it uses huge amounts of CPU
time too.

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