Being a shell provider - good business?

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>You think there's no US (or put any other country name here) contractors?

Heh.  Of course there is.  And as I think I ORIGINALLY said the US has
also been known to kidnap people they want and drag them into the US
to face a court.

I'm sure all countries do it.  Israel is just a bit more eager than
many others to exercise their secret service.

>Although Rafi Eitan is a minister, he just an old man, who had glory
>and have no more, he won't last being a minister much longer.
>Anyway, He was speaking about Ahmadinijad, not some pedophiles in
>foregin countries. Not that I think Israel will kidnap him, but why
>not? It might solve some issues =)

Undoubtedly. :-)

But getting back to the discussion - the OP's friend seemed like
he -wanted- to get involved in some rather Bad People.  Kind of
like a phamacist who wants to sell syringes to drug dealers, but
not drugs - such people who get involved with Bad People oftentimes
find things to become Very Unpleasant.

I can think of a number of other scenarios even worse than a
government becoming interested.


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