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mcassar marshc187 at
Mon Sep 15 17:31:37 UTC 2008

   Oliver Peter wrote:

I forgot to add:

On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 03:06:05PM +0200, m cassar wrote:

BTW, and related to fbsd kind of being younger than linux, i had an amd64
version at some point, of freebsd, and couldn't install wine because it is
based on 32bit windows or what have you. it works on ubuntu studio (64) fine
and i am also under the impression that anything linux can do, freebsd can
do; and it's just a matter of time. I'm just glad i didn't have to wipe fbsd
to install ubuntu.

Yes, at this moment it is not possible to use wine within an amd64 environment,
and yes, it is also true that other operating systems support wine/64.

There are a lot more i368-only ports.


   On an exit note :
   firstly thanks for all the info.
   Like you also suggested, i am using u-studio for now. on one hand i
   hate not using fbsd, but on the other hand i have to take baby steps
   and learn my way around all the new programs to me (non windows/osx).
   UB-Studio comes with alot of pre-installed programs, and still not all
   work as expected, they might need some minor thing, but still, as a
   noob, when such things happen, I can't tell if it is something with
   the program itself or with the whole OS setup. i think i still have a
   lot to  figure out with fbsd before i can narrow down isuues to an
   application; and i think my fbsd setup only *just about works* with no
   frills. Using pcbsd as reference (testing on another drive), i know
   fbsd is capable of better performance then my current setup on the
   same machine; how far it can go, i don't know, but i might just take a
   crash course later this year in programming and start something.
   someday, someday.

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