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I may ask a strange question: Examining the FreeBSD source code, I
noticed very early that the CVS entry is a bit different from what
I knew from my own work; here:

	$Id$ contains the file name only

	$Header$ contains the file name within the CVS hierarchy,

but there,

	$FreeBSD$ contains the file name with a sub-path.

Furthermore, $FreeBSD$ seems to be a kind of "custom tag".

Examples, what I know, full path or no path:

	$Header: /home/poly/cvs/src/inet/uni/index.html,v 1.7 2002/11/21 16:31:39 poly Exp $

	$Id: stap.c,v 0.1 2003/10/03 12:28:13 poly Exp $";

Examples, custom tag and sub-path:

	$Xorg: Xresources,v 1.3 2000/08/17 19:54:17 cpqbld Exp $

	$FreeBSD: src/include/stdlib.h,v 1.65 2007/07/04 00:00:38 scf Exp $

My questions:

1. How is it possible to include a sub-path in the CVS file field, but
   not the absolute path of the file?

2. How is it possible to change $Id$ or $Header$ to a custom string,
   let's say the name of a company or a project, by not breaking (!)
   the CVS compatibility (no s/Header/Foobar/).

Example for goal:

	$StupidProject: src/mouse/,v 1.2.4 2008/16/32 04:08:16 bob Exp $

Is it possible with simple means? Or do I need a custom version of
CVS for this?

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