Being a shell provider - good business?

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> Where you got that idea that Israel kidnap suspects?

It's a documented fact. There's been many kidnappings
and secret trials of former Nazi's.

Mossad and other Israeli intelligence organizations have a
well-documented history of doing all manner of dirty tricks,
—from the Lavon Affair ( ) to
funding Hamas ( ) and deceiving the United States into bombing Libya. The motto of Mossad
is: “By way of deception thou shalt do war.” ( ). According to former
Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, Israel has supported radical
fundamentalist Muslim groups for years (see previous link). Ostrovsky
also claims Mossad “trained both sides in the bloody ongoing civil
unrest in Sri Lanka: the Tamils and the Sinhalese, as well as the
Indians who were sent in to restore order.”

Not to mention Israeli spying on the US - see the Jonathan Pollard
case for that.

Just last week an Israeli cabinet minister Rafi Eitan told
Der Spiegel that kidnapping operations were not completely
a thing of the past:

> The sole event, was of Adolf
> Eichmann<>'s,
> and he wasn't diealing with kiddie porn.

Israel likes to bring up Eichmann every time someone mentions
their international covert operations because what Eichmann did was
so reprehensible that most people would excuse it, and it was
so long ago that the implication is that Mossad isn't doing
that anymore.  Balderdash.

> Unfortunately pedophiles here get relatively easy punishment.

No doubt if they are Jewish.  If not, they aren't
worth the dirt under an Israeli's shoes.


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