FreeBSD 7.0 install on Acer Aspire AM1640-U1401A

Christer Hermansson mail at
Sun Sep 14 22:17:20 UTC 2008

Joseph Olatt wrote:
> Hello,
> I have tried installing the following versions of FreeBSD:
>     - 7.0 Release
>     - 6.2 Release
>     - 6.1 Release
> on an ACER Aspire AM1640-U1401A computer and the install program is not
> detecting the SATA hard drive.
> Does anybody else on the list have the above computer and have they
> succeeded in installing FreeBSD on it?
> Any hints or feedback will be greatly appreciated.
> regards,
> joseph
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Maybe this is a very late reply but I haven't read this list for a while 
and this post/problem seems unsolved so I make a reply.

Maybe you need to adjust the settings in the bios.

I have the experience that to install and run Windows XP I need to 
*disable* native sata in the bios on some notebooks, e.g. HP 6710B, but 
to install and run Linux I must *enable* native sata in the bios.


Christer Hermansson

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