pc with 4G memory

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Sun Sep 14 11:14:07 UTC 2008

gahn wrote:
> hello:
> the machine i am using for freebsd has 4G memory. should i add follow lines in my customized kernel file?:
> # Compile acpi in statically since the module isn't built properly.  Most
> # machines which support large amounts of memory require acpi.
> device          acpi

You didn't say anything relevant to your case: which version of FreeBSD
are you using?, which architecture?

ACPI is pre-loaded as a kernel module in all recent versions of FreeBSD
and adding it directly in the kernel wouldn't accomplish anything. I
assume you're using i386 (e.g. the 32-bit variant of FreeBSD). In this
case you have only two options if you want to use 4 GB or more memory:

* Use a PAE kernel, which works fairly well, but doesn't support kernel
modules (if you are not familiar with kernel modules then you probably
don't need them so ignore this). There's a pre-packaged kernel
configuration named "PAE" for this.
* Switch to a 64-bit version (usually, this means you have to reinstall
the system using the 64-bit install CD). The 64-bit version is called
"AMD64" and it also runs on Intel CPUs.

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