growisofs && non aligned DMA transfer (7.0R)

Nejc S(koberne nejc at
Fri Sep 12 08:09:48 UTC 2008


> I wanted to add a file to an already written DVD+RW (written a day
> before on the same system) with
> # growisofs  -M /dev/cd0 -r -T -J -joliet-long -v directory
> This produced tons of error messages via syslog as
> Jul 11 13:45:30 rebelion kernel: ata0: FAILURE - non aligned DMA transfer attempted
> Jul 11 13:45:30 rebelion kernel: acd0: setting up DMA failed
> and the only way to get the system back to a usable state was rebooting
> it;
> this is with FreeBSD-7.0R; what I have done wrong?

I have the same problem on all my 7.0-RELEASE servers (I use growisofs to make backups
to DVDs). It seems that there was something done in 7 kernel that breaks growisofs
when trying to use multisession.

Any ideas when/if this will be fixed?


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