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Thu Sep 11 21:18:12 UTC 2008

Andrew Falanga wrote:
> ...
> While diagnosing this, I connect to the server (using Putty) from a
> machine in PN1, using either a mail client or telnet I'm unable to make
> a connection to the mail server over port 25.  Using tcpdump during this
> putty session I do not even see the SYN packets for the start of the
> connection from the machines in PN1.  This is only when connecting to
> port 25.  Obviously, I can connect to the server because I'm using
> ...

Are you sure CableOne does not filter outgoing port 25 connection
attempts to any servers save it's own relay?

My ISP (A big name DSL provider; grep the headers if curious) does not
perform incoming port filtering, but rather aggressively filters
outbound TCP port 25 and (for reasons unexplained) 4444 as well.

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