File system corruption upon reboot with gmirror

Michel Talon talon at
Thu Sep 11 16:20:17 UTC 2008

Mike Bristow said:

> > What's this stuff? shutdown -r is implemented using reboot.
> Only when you give it -o.  Otherwise it sends a signal to init,
> and init manages the shutdown.    The code you quote is only 
> run if -o is given

But the code is init implementing reboot is the same as in the commande
"reboot" and uses the call reboot(2)
/usr/src/sbin/init/init.c line 643

 if (Reboot) {
                /* Instead of going single user, let's reboot the
 * machine */
Note the reboot(howto) which is exactly the same as in the command
reboot. If there are differences it may be in the number of sync(),
pause() and so on issued, i have not checked, but i would be surprised
that there is any significative difference between the several ways of


Michel TALON

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