Capturing tar output

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>> redirect stderr with "2>" operator
> Using the following command,
> # /usr/local/gtar/bin/tar -cvf - /home/hallja 2 > /var/log/test.txt |
> /usr/local/bin/gpg --encrypt "recipient" | dd of=/dev/nsa0 obs=128k
> I receive an error meesage stating, "Ambiguous output redirect."

Are you using the csh/tcsh ?According to the manual: (man tcsh, below  
        The  shell  cannot  presently  redirect  diagnostic output  
without also
        redirecting standard output, but `(command  >  output-file)   
 >&  error-
        file'  is often an acceptable workaround.  Either output-file  
or error-
        file may be `/dev/tty' to send output to the terminal.

To make the above example work you could change the shell by typing
# sh
and then type the suggested command  above.
If you want to put your commands into file (a script)  put the magic  
on top of it.

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