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Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Wed Sep 10 19:08:57 UTC 2008

Lister Notifies wrote:
> Nope, it's too soon for me to deal with moving targets. So, I guess I
> need the rock-stable
> version until I get familiar with the OS.

I'll agree with "rock-stable" as it relates to FBSD;
however, realize that the "-STABLE" tag mostly refers
to the fact that the developers aren't allowed to make
sweeping changes to subsystems/API's without permission
from a consensus of developers and perhaps even 
notification of the userbase.  It's not a guarantee of
usability, etc.  As noted, RELENG is what you want for
now; it's never going to be changed for the sake of a
feature, only for security related patching.
>>  > 3) "make buildworld" re-compiles _everything_ or the "base system" only?
>>  It recompiles the base system. For updates to packages installed from
>>  ports look at portupgrade.
> OK. It brings another question. For example Postgres is not a part of
> the base system. Will it break if i make:
> ##
> pkg_add -r postgresql83-server.tbz
> cvsup /usr/share/examples/cvsup/standard-supfile
> make buildworld
> make buildkernel
> make installkernel
> reboot (in single mode)
> mergemaster -p
> make installworld
> mergemaster
> reboot
> ##
> ...And what should I do if Postgres (or any other arbitrary binary
> package) breaks afterwards? How should I keep the binary packages
> up-todate? Actually I intend to
> compile Postgres from the ports after success in re-building and
> installing the base system, but the question still remains.

First, let me hopefully give you a little comfort, that as
long as you're only tracking a RELENG branch, this (breakage
of a port) will Hardly Ever Happen(tm).

I think another poster already pointed you to "portupgrade"
(which is well-known in the community and perhaps even mentioned
in the official FBSD Docs, although it's a "port" itself ...
take a gander at /usr/ports/port-mgmt for an idea of what's
there to manage your ports.

Now, let me caution you that updating the *ports* is more
likely to cause issues than the updating of the base system.
If you, for example, happen to upgrade expat or something
basic to a bunch of ports, things can go pretty haywire until
everything's back up-to-date.  But, then again, that's what
the ports-mgmt tools are supposed to help with.


> Last but not least: Thanks for the fast and detailed response. I
> appreciate it very much.

Well, welcome to *the* community.  FBSD's community is often that

Kevin Kinsey
In every hierarchy the cream rises until it sours.
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