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Chris Hill chris at monochrome.org
Tue Sep 9 23:19:49 UTC 2008

On Wed, 10 Sep 2008, Polytropon wrote:


> I'm sure you noticed the Ctrl-M (^M) at the ends of each line.
> This seems to be an MS-DOS-like line break (ASCII 0x13 + 0x10).
> UNIX (and so FreeBSD) use the NL or LF character 0x10. And 0x13
> is the CR character which is equivalent to Ctrl-M, if I do
> remember correctly.

Almost correctly. ASCII CR (Ctrl-M) is 0x0d, which is decimal 13; ASCII 
LF (Ctrl-J or newline) is 0x0a, which is decimal 10.

Sorry for the off-topic pedantry.

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