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perryh at perryh at
Tue Sep 9 08:12:32 UTC 2008

> > why are you not using your ISP to relay emails, using its mail
> > gateway (which should have a static IP address)?
> I do not like the fact that a number of governments (including
> most european ones)  now have the right to access all emails
> that pass through an ISP's server. They do not have the right
> to access private server systems unless they have a warrant. 

This *is* a valid concern, but it's not clear to me how it applies
to messages that are being sent to public mailing lists where they
will be as available to Big Brother as to anyone else.  How about
configuring your MTA to send anything going to a public list via
your ISP, and send directly only messages that aren't going to be
posted for the world to see?

> Another emerging issue is cable operators refusing to allow
> fixed IP address so they can receive revenue from reporting
> on user usage data.

I seriously doubt that as a motivation.  If anything, static IP
assignments would make it *easier* to track per-customer usage.

A more likely reason is that most residential users, even on
cable or DSL, do not keep their router (or system, if they have
only one and therefore don't use a router) on-line anywhere
near 24-7.  The ISP can serve several customers per IP address
by using DHCP (so that customers occupy IP addresses only when

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