how can i use ISO-8859-1??

Gary Kline kline at
Tue Sep 9 04:35:12 UTC 2008


	This is one of the I've-been-meaning-to-ask questions;
	but other things keep happening that took precedence.  Now
	it's time to ask what are the voodoo commands to set up in my
	~/.zshrc or other initiation files (probably including my muttrc)
	that will let me print to stdout, characters like the "e-aigu"
	or "u-umlaut" and the currency pound or Euro?

	I keep running into '\240' characters that are likely M$ format
	commands.  Catting a saved file thru Giorgos sed
	's/[^[:print:]]/*/g' {or whatever} resolved that --and other
	such.  But it isn't my main gripe.  

	I realize this is probably a complex issue; it's time to work on
	a reasonable solution.

	thanks in advance for all insights,


 Gary Kline  kline at  Public Service Unix

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