switching discs during install

m cassar marshc187 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 13:18:21 UTC 2008

Hey, James Strother, if i'm on the same wavelength with you on this, god
knows how many times my pc almost made it out the window with this swapping
thingy. don't know if this helps a bit at this point to at least save some

Well _last _ thing first ---> i finally downloaded the dvd, which is well
worth it in the long run ( from mini if i recall, plus someone here gave a
link ), but if you have a slow connection or download limits, it is a bit
hard to suggest that at the moment since 7.1 is around the corner and i'm
not sure if that means new discs with latest packages will be available

Apart from that, i am very much new to fbsd, but did quite a few fresh
installs before i found my best setup, so here are a few points that made
life easier for me.

Firstly, which shouldn't be new - cd1 has the base system, source and ports
tree, and Xorg. After that kde for instance, can be entirely installed from
cd2 ( which i am most familiar with); and i always just do one package or
*chunk* at a time. But i just used to install cd1 (base, src/ports, and
xorg), reboot without installing packages, copy the packages directory off
cd2 to my hard disc under /home and then still use sysinstall to add them
from there ->  by selecting "from an existing filesystem' instead of from
CD/DVD.  But this never gave my trouble since kde is entirely on  cd2. To
add cd3 might need fixing the index file for sysinstall to work - not sure;
but using pkg_add should work from the hard disk.

This is just in case you need to reinstall, but i know it does not solve
what you hoped for; which i think is still not so straightforward. Here is a
basic idea of what i can make of the swapping discs thing.

eg. Gnome as the basic meta-port is mainly on cd2 - (i think!). However, i
remember coming across a part in the porter's handbook that recommends
dependencies, for any given port, be listed alphabetically.
So say apache (e.g.) was added as a gnome dependency, (maybe not directly -
say depend of a depend) but it is not actually a part of the meta-port, and
most probably on cd3--> then it still gets added/installed alphabetically or
just before the package that needs it.  ( I had noticed some roughly
alphabetical order once that made me think that - unless i was

I hope this makes sense - even if it not the case - because i am in a rush
and i had to comment as this had bugged me alot. Still, even the dvd
packages (which are the same version as on the cds with 7-release) are
pretty much all outdated now, besides the fact that you will have to build
them all from ports, since packages are only available for Stable. I
actually built kde4.1 twice from scratch before realising it was easier to
upgrade to 7Stable, then add packages using portupgrade -NP --> which saves
a local copy of all downloaded packages under /usr/ports/packages/All, and
saved my lots of time later. It works better than pkg_add -rK; which only
saves the package you ask for and none of the downloaded dependencies.

Sorry if i made a mess of this right now. i'm finally up to date right now
with all my packages and running 7.1 prerelease, so will see what happens
with 7.1 release before i bother making my own dvd with latest packages.


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