Postfix issue

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Sep 8 11:19:24 UTC 2008

> I do not like the fact that a number of governments (including most european
> ones)  now have the right to access all emails that pass through an ISP's

only if you use big operators.

> BIG BROTHER is watching far too much. Frankly I am surprised that

we have democracy. in democracy majority decides for everybody.
majority wanted it for "they own good". minority has to shut up or go 

> Another emerging issue is cable operators refusing to allow fixed IP address
> so they can receive revenue from reporting on user usage data.

could you please tell more about the sentence above. maybe it's my bad 
english but i don't understand. why constantly changing user IP could help 
reporting user data and getting revenue?

> This movement to commercialise the internet and limit access in this way is
> deplorable when there are alternative methods of dealing with legitimate

even now we are more restricted than people in China, where they have 
"chinese internet" with very very limited access to outside, but withing 
chinese internet there are very little limits.

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