MD5 errors

abc at abc at
Sun Sep 7 03:24:51 UTC 2008

i was downloading 7.0-RELEASE,
and found the following MD5 errors:


ERROR: MD5 ( = a83976995e055dbe67030397902c5ab9
MD5SUM MD5 ( = 662363b086db1164eb922024428df2df
ERROR: MD5 ( = 0ddd67ac6a0ca00e0131f63bcde9b145
MD5SUM MD5 ( = a1f597bcc955e069fd6679ea4a543d19


ERROR: MD5 ( = 7f507448f530c624c9b0d9e4881c148f
MD5SUM MD5 ( = 766fb0b8d2332d5cb5f70be4ec00ea7b


ERROR: MD5 ( = 311278afa5305731822fbfa8d1de2805
MD5SUM MD5 ( = fa16a2a3b7a8b4ec6f4eada5eb5bb326

i am worried about, because the file size
is very wrong.  can anyone please verify that it
is safe to install with these broken MD5 sums
before i try to install?

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