ThinkPad 3.0GHz: can anybody verify?

Gary Kline kline at
Sun Sep 7 03:11:41 UTC 2008

On Fri, Sep 05, 2008 at 04:09:12PM +1000, Ian Smith wrote:

> I had no trouble dropping a 120GB Fujitsu into my T23 recently (was 
> 30GB), so I expect 160GB would be fine, especially in a much later 
> model.  And 2GB is likely plenty for anything but Microsloth Vasta.
> Something to consider is what type of RAM it uses, eg the older PC133 
> 144-pin SDRAM I need for my T23 is now very expensive, ~U$70 per 512MB 
> stick, or around A$100 shipped, where newer RAM is a fraction of that.
>  > 
>  > As an example (T-41):
>  > 
>  >
> I've never heard of a uniprocessor Thinkpad running anywhere near 3GHz, 
> but then there's lots I've never heard of .. but the T41[/p] only goes 
> to 1.7GHz according to the above URL, so it must be a much later model.
> On a quick check, the fastest T43 seems to be a Pentium M 770 @ 2.13GHz.
	[[ ... ]]

> Well I certainly wouldn't buy a Thinkpad I didn't have the EXACT model 
> number of, when that reveals the CPU type/speed, HD and RAM originally 
> fitted, CD/CDRW/DVD[RW], screen size, video card, wireless etc options.
> Maybe you (Gary) could post an URL illustrating one of these machines?
> As in, what's the RGB code for Thinkpad Black? :)

	Ian, how about "#trublk" :-)

	okay, the long/short of it is that i spent last night anf this
	morning asking several .com places that sold used TP's if 

	1) they would sell me the laptop without Windose and credit me.
	2) they had an uniprocs >= 2.2 and <= 3.0
	3) they would do upgrade or
	4) provide me with the upgrade into.

	I found some dual-core that were like 1.7GHz- 2.2GHz.  sound

	several had large ~(120G) drive, 1G RAM.  .LT. $800, which is not
	that bad.  A wweek ago I asked a "Live Chat" person about
	scrubbing the Windows; it was "No; sold as-is."

	Of note: when I checked that discountpc place, the 3.0Ghz was
	gone; the other were from 1.2 to 2.0GHz.  More disappointing was 
	the sloppy" way some site had listed their TP's. E.G.: 2000GHz 
	and other careless errors.   Makes you wonder how far these
	places have to dim the lights when they are paying their
	employees... .

> cheers, Ian

 Gary Kline  kline at  Public Service Unix

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