Journaling filesystem support in FreeBSD

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Asunto: Journaling filesystem support in FreeBSD

I know about soft updates and background fsck, but while they make the 
system available quickly they also generate quite a lot of I/O activity 
a short while after the system have booted and when I want to log in and 
start all my stuff, I/O intensive as well.

The support for NTFS seems to be limited to reading still and the other 
filesystem support i have on my system (6.2) don't seem to show much of 
an alternative if you want a journaling filesystem, which are supposed 
to limit the need for fsck.

So, what are the alternatives? Can I run xfs on FreeBSD? Is it zfs on 7 
that I need? I have tried tfm and google and not found anything useful.


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I believe ntfs has full writing support (no fsck / chkdsk though)
via the ntfs-3g project ( ), which uses the fuse
driver. I wouldn't install my system over it though, although I've seen
ubuntu run pretty well via Wubi on that conditions. 

zfs is not supposed to need fsck at all, but doesn't seem suitable for
production use yet  ( ; also,
booting from ZFS is not still fully supported - you have to boot to a
UFS partition, then "chainload" into the ZFS root ). 

I'd guess your best bet for a production machine is still UFS... 

(BTW, got the point from your signature :P). 
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