switching discs during install

Manolis Kiagias sonic2000gr at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 11:24:39 UTC 2008

James Strother wrote:
> I just completed an install of FreeBSD 7.0 and couldn't help but wonder why
> it was necessary for me to switch discs back and forth so much while
> installing ported applications.  I've used FreeBSD on and off for a number
> of years and this issue has always irked me a just a little bit.  It means
> that I have to babysit the installation and it really does increase the time
> required to perform the installation.
> <SNIP>
Most people install only the base system from CD, then install 
applications from ports or download newer packages.  If you insist on 
installing packages from the installation media, there is an easy way. 
Use the DVD:


Or, create one yourself using your already downloaded discs:


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