Starting and using services -- Single-user mode -- TECRA_A9-S9017

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Fri Sep 5 16:01:16 UTC 2008

freebsd_user at wrote:
> I have the need to start and use service while in single_user mode.  To
> this point I'm not able to use 'top' or 'ps' respectively.  In

ps is in /bin, top is in /usr/bin ; unless you a) have your PATH wrong
or b) commonly put /bin on separate file systems, you should be able to
use ps and others in /bin and /sbin.

> addition,from the CLI; when I attempt to start services such as
> 'portmap' and 'sshd' nothing is shown running via 'ps'.  All I see are
> the headers when I issue th 'ps aux' command.

Are your world and kernel matched?

> I'm sure its possible to do what I'm attempting, but given the crippled
> situation of this box, I'm stuck in Single-user mode and need to start
> enough services that will allow the use of 'scp' in order to move some
> zipped/crucial files from the crippled box to another machine on the
> same network.

When you enter single user mode, root file system is mounted read-only
so one of the first things you need to do is "mount -u -o rw /". Next,
you need to mount your other file systems (/usr is usually a separate
file system and that's where ssh lives) so do "mount -a". At this point
you might as well cancel the single-user mode by exiting the shell and
go multi-user.

If there are file system errors. "mount -a" will fail and you'll need to
mount other file systems by hand.

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