portsnap in cron and firewall

Albert Shih Albert.Shih at obspm.fr
Fri Sep 5 15:59:53 UTC 2008

 Le 05/09/2008 à 11:51:57-0400, Sean Cavanaugh a écrit
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> >
> > Yes I known. That's why I'm asking you how can I make portsnap through the
> > cron and opening firewall just before he going to make the connection.
> >
> > Of course I can hack the portsnap to make he don't try to see if it's fork
> > by cron or not. But it's not a good idea IMHO, what's happen if all person
> > do that ?
> I think you misread what i was saying. Inside your cron job use "portsnap
> fetch" instead of "portsnap cron". that way it will fetch exactly when you run
> the cron job, without the randomized delay.
> most likely a shell script that would have the following:
> 1)open pf
> 2)portsnap fetch
> 3)portsnap update (<- you were missing this important step also)
> 4)portupgrade --fetch-only --all
> 5)close pf

Yes I known ;-) and I understand what you saying. But what I'm saying is if
the developper of portsnap think it's useful to put some randomized delay
I'm going to follow this. Because if I make what you say how can I known
after 1 or 2 years there no other enough users to do same thing and make the
portsnap server overload ? Event I make some «randomize» time in the
crontab it's only when I make the crontab, that's mean every day the
portsnap is launch in the same moment. 

The best solution is to make some «hook_script» in the portsnap and after
the randomize delay is over just before the fetch is launch to run a

So now 
	portsnap cron = sleep random_time; portsnap fetch

what I think is 

	portsnap cron -h hook-script = sleep random_time; sh hook-script; portsnap fetch


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