broken autoconf upgrade

Michael P. Soulier msoulier at
Fri Sep 5 12:29:26 UTC 2008

While running portupgrade -ai, I noticed this

        else \
          rc=$?; \
          cd . && \
          $restore $backupdir/* `echo "./" | sed 's|[^/]*$||'`
; \
        fi; \
        rm -rf $backupdir; exit $rc
autoconf-2.62.texi:1723: Unknown command `'.
autoconf-2.62.texi:3353: Unknown command `'.
autoconf-2.62.texi:3920: Unknown command `'.
autoconf-2.62.texi:3935: Unknown command `'.
autoconf-2.62.texi:3947: Unknown command `'.
autoconf-2.62.texi:3965: Unknown command `'.
autoconf-2.62.texi:3986: Unknown command `'.
autoconf-2.62.texi:4001: Unknown command `'.
autoconf-2.62.texi:4019: Unknown command `'.
autoconf-2.62.texi:4027: Unknown command `'.

So, this won't upgrade. Anyone else see that?

Michael P. Soulier <msoulier at>
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