Portsnap: No Update Available

barbara barbara.xxx1975 at libero.it
Fri Sep 5 06:37:17 UTC 2008

>> Although the mirror changes, that rest of the message is the same.
>> Except doing a ports freeze, I do not remember FBSD going 24 hours
>> without some port being updated. I was just wondering if this is
>> correct or if something is wrong with the mirrors.

> FreeBSD 7.1 maybe ? not sure if we are in ports freeze yet, but wouldnt
> surprise me.

Sorry, I'm not in this ml.
I've noted the same problem and a number of commits has been done in the meanwhile:

Shouldn't ports freeze start on 2008/9/8 ? (according to http://www.freebsd.org/releases/6.4R/schedule.html)

kind regards

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