ThinkPad 3.0GHz: can anybody verify?

Ian Smith smithi at
Fri Sep 5 06:09:17 UTC 2008

On Thu, 04 Sep 2008 14:48:06 -0400 Steve Bertrand <steve at> wrote:
 > Gary Kline wrote:
 > > On Wed, Sep 03, 2008 at 11:00:19PM -0400, Steve Bertrand wrote:
 > >> Gary Kline wrote:
 > >>> 	Folks,
 > >>>
 > >>> 	I'm looking at a 3GHz ThinkPad w/out any OS.  It's got 
 > >>> 	at most 512M memory and only 40G drive.  The guy I'm going to
 > >>> 	have upgrade this l'top thinks it will take a 160GB drive easily.
 > >>> 	Also that the RAM might max out at just 2GB.  

I had no trouble dropping a 120GB Fujitsu into my T23 recently (was 
30GB), so I expect 160GB would be fine, especially in a much later 
model.  And 2GB is likely plenty for anything but Microsloth Vasta.

Something to consider is what type of RAM it uses, eg the older PC133 
144-pin SDRAM I need for my T23 is now very expensive, ~U$70 per 512MB 
stick, or around A$100 shipped, where newer RAM is a fraction of that.

 > >>> 	Any fellow TP-people onlist who know if my friend is right?
 > >> If you specify the model of the laptop, a quick Google or search on IBM 
 > >> (Lenovo) website will inform you what the maximum upgrade path on 
 > >> hardware is on the box.
 > > 
 > > 
 > > 	So if this 3GHz was an X-41 or a T-41, there'll be someplace
 > > 	online with the exact specs?  Or is there more to the model 
 > > 	designation.   I have tried to find some specs on upgrade when I
 > > 	had my 600E.  Found nothing. 
 > As an example (T-41):

I've never heard of a uniprocessor Thinkpad running anywhere near 3GHz, 
but then there's lots I've never heard of .. but the T41[/p] only goes 
to 1.7GHz according to the above URL, so it must be a much later model.

On a quick check, the fastest T43 seems to be a Pentium M 770 @ 2.13GHz.

 > In the past, when dealing with business client purchases, what upgrade 
 > paths I could not find on a website or via documentation, I was always 
 > able to call up and ask via telephone.
 > > 	GVood point! I'll find what what this guy's quals are.  No sense
 > > 	in blowing $400-500 out the window, then going "Oh, S**t!"

Well I certainly wouldn't buy a Thinkpad I didn't have the EXACT model 
number of, when that reveals the CPU type/speed, HD and RAM originally 
fitted, CD/CDRW/DVD[RW], screen size, video card, wireless etc options.

Maybe you (Gary) could post an URL illustrating one of these machines?

 > This could lead me way into off-topic-ness, so I'm going to leave it 
 > alone ;)

As in, what's the RGB code for Thinkpad Black? :)

cheers, Ian

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