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> > I must have missed something, how would running the Chrome
> > browser collect our valuable data?
> > 
> > Obviously, keying in data into a search engine to find
> > things is giving the search engine data on what people
> > are searching for.  Is there any requirement to do this
> > if your running Chrome?  And, how else would you find
> > something?
> > 
> > I think I'm missing something here in this argument.
> Please don't top post. It makes reading a thread a lot harder than it
> needs to be.
> I think I posted this yesterday. In any case, you might want to to take
> a look at it and its implications.

Um, the OP used "Chrome" to refer to the Google browser under
FreeBSD, strongly implying compiling the source to it under
FreeBSD.  (ie: porting to FreeBSD) At least that is how I took it.
The Chrome open
source code is under the BSD license, the EULA that is subject
of the discussion is attached to the compiled binary that
is (I would assume) the result of Google compiling that BSD licensed
source under a Windows compiler.

You should certainly be aware of the terms of the BSD license
by now - if I want to take a product like FreeBSD and compile
it's source, I can then commence to apply whatever restrictive
EULA that I please to the result.  Google is free to license
Chrome under BSD then compile a Windows version of Chrome
and then apply an EULA to it that is more restrictive - and
that appears to be what they have done as documented by this
thread you posted.

Since the EULA is only under the Windows precompiled binary
of Chrome, it isn't applicable to a FreeBSD version of Chrome
or to this discussion.

So once more, what is the issue here?  Since you have the
BSD source for Chrome you can certainly remove any secret
data collection routines that might be buried in the browser
code (if that is your concern, assuming such things even
exist) then compile it how you want.


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