gigabyte GA-71XE4 (single amd athlon cpu motherboard

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>                                gigabyte GA-71XE4 (single amd athlon cpu motherboard
>   Volodymyr Kostyrko c.kworr at 
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>> freebsd v5.2 and 5.3 boots no problems works well but freebsd v7 locks
>> solid right when it get to teh load image to/from "md0" device this
>> happens when i use teh -release cdrom to install freebsd.
>How exactly do you load your image?

i have freebsd 5.2-RELEASE and 5.3-RELEASE cdrom sets (downloaded from and burned to cdrom, the same for 7.0-RELEASE as 
well as FreeSBIE v1.1 (this one is freebsd v5.3-release i think).

ummmm i just put teh cdrom into teh dvd/cdrom reader in teh machine and 
reboot the machine ,, then it reads from teh cdrom and starts up (or 
not) depending on what it finds .. i tried again by using a diferent 
cdrom (cut by a diferent person) and if i use teh standard startup 
procedure it will lock solid, only turning off teh machine and pulling 
out teh power cord will recover it so that it will restart next time 
the power is applied.

if i choose option 3 (the safe mode option) it will continute without a 
pause and sysinstall notes that acpi has been disabled and asks if i 
want to make this installation do not use acpi ?? i now (on this 
machine) i say yes .. do not use acpi on this machine !!!

i noticed that in teh /var/log/messages freebsd says something about 
hptrr (rocketraid i think) not found/not available .. i think one of 
teh lines in teh last screen writings makes reference to this hptrr 
device ?? in a day or two i will have access again to this machine, it 
is .. i am not able to get to do anything for it. i plan to try this 
installation again and see if i can capture teh infomations ???

is there some way that i can capture information this early in teh 
'boot' processs ?? i do not have a vt100/vt52 etc terminial to plugin 
and try to capture the relevent details vi dumb terminal ??

much kind regards and sincere appreciations..

cheers and much thanks



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