Automatically starting user programs on boot

Manolis Kiagias sonic2000gr at
Thu Sep 4 11:36:54 UTC 2008

Saša Stupar wrote:
> Hi!
> On my FBSD 7 server I also use screen with rtorrent. In case of server
> reboot (power outage, server goes on UPS then power down) the user need
> manually to login, then start screen and then rtorrent. Is it possible to
> start this procedure automatically and of course as certain user and not
> as root?
> I was thinking about .startup file or something in users home directory.
> Regards,
> Sasa
cron(8) seems to be a good candidate for this. Have a look at 
crontab(5). You can use @reboot to execute your script every time your 
PC starts. Just make sure your script sets the environment (PATH and so 
on) correctly.

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