ThinkPad 3.0GHz: can anybody verify?

Kurt Buff kurt.buff at
Thu Sep 4 02:42:22 UTC 2008

I got a Thinkpad T61 back in May/June that had 4gig factory-installed.
Dual core, but only 2.2GHz - I could've gotten a faster proc, but I
wasn't willing to pay the price. I did splurge on a 120gbyte 7200rpm
drive, though. Came with SUSE on it, too, but I've got it dual booting
with FreeBSD 7 amd64. Works great, except that the native FireFox and
all other web browsers I've tried crash (no core, nothing, it just
disappears) on the javascript on a lot of web sites, including gmail.
Haven't had the time to pursue that one very much, though I've asked
on this list a few times.


On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 6:53 PM, Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:
>        Folks,
>        I'm looking at a 3GHz ThinkPad w/out any OS.  It's got
>        at most 512M memory and only 40G drive.  The guy I'm going to
>        have upgrade this l'top thinks it will take a 160GB drive easily.
>        Also that the RAM might max out at just 2GB.
>        Any fellow TP-people onlist who know if my friend is right?
> --
>  Gary Kline  kline at  Public Service Unix

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