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Wed Sep 3 18:18:52 UTC 2008

Marcel Grandemange wrote:
> Ok so I know this is a newbie question..
> But ive for years now wanted to know how to only nat certain traffic or maby
> only across a certain ip.
> Ive tried many examples all not working.. Maby im just doing something
> stupid..
> But, below is a example of a machine that is natting everything on em0.
> Id like to know how to change that to everything on say
> instead of entire interface.
> Or better yet..
> Stop natting everything and say only nat web traffic.
> Im having issues where certain traffic is being nated that MUSTN be!

If you're running 7.0, you can ditch divert and use the built-in NAT
functionality (you can probably replace the nat rules for divert rules).

You can use source and destination ports and addresses when deciding
what to have ipfw divert/nat. They're rules just like any others. 

Here's what I do:


| CMD="/sbin/ipfw -q add"
| # Configure NAT
| /sbin/ipfw -q nat 1 config if inet log reset unreg_only same_ports \
|     redirect_port tcp 80 \
|     redirect_port tcp 443
| # loopback
| $CMD allow all from any to any via lo0
| $CMD deny log all from to any
| # Anti-spoof
| $CMD deny log all from any to any not verrevpath in
| # Catch proto 41 without NATing
| $CMD allow ipv6 from any to me
| # Allow this box to initiate unNATed outbound connections
| $CMD allow ip from me to any keep-state
| # NAT
| $CMD nat 1 ip4 from any to me in via inet
| $CMD nat 1 ip4 from to not me out via inet
| # ICMP
| $CMD allow icmp from any to any
| # SSH From local nets
| $CMD allow tcp from to me ssh
| # DNS from local nets
| $CMD allow udp from to me domain
| # DHCP from local nets
| $CMD allow udp from any to me bootps in via bridge0
| $CMD allow udp from to bootps in via bridge0
| # Deny anything else destined to me
| $CMD deny log ip from any to me
| # But forward any other traffic
| $CMD allow ip4 from any to any

Chris Cowart
Network Technical Lead
Network & Infrastructure Services, RSSP-IT
UC Berkeley
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