nss_ldap leaving sockets open

Jeremy Johnston jeremy at stormy.smart-serv.net
Wed Sep 3 07:38:20 UTC 2008

I seem to have encountered a rather annoying and puzzling problem, I am 
running nss_ldap on 7.0-STABLE with openldap-server 2.4.11 on the same 
server. I have nss_ldap configured to connect over a unix socket. This 
works great except for the fact it seems the connections are never being 
closed. When I checked earlier today with (netstat -n | grep -c 
slapd.sock) it reported 441 instances.

I have bind_policy set to soft and nss_connect_policy set to oneshot and 
this still seems to be occuring.

Any hints or clues on what may be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

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