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Peter Giessel pgiessel at
Wed Sep 3 00:26:44 UTC 2008

On Tuesday, September 02, 2008, at 12:38PM, "Vlad GURDIGA" <gurdiga at> wrote:
>In Google Chrome System requirements
>they say that a Linux version is going to appear. And in the "Download
>and install" help article
>they say that it is open-source.
>Does this mean that is hope we'll have a FreeBSD version?

That would be somewhat ironic, since according to Reuters:
*** QUOTE ***
 "We have borrowed good ideas from others," Google Vice President of Product Management
Sindar Pichai said. "Our goal here was to bring our point of view, but do it in a very open way."

Because Chrome relies on Apple's open-source WebKit software for rendering Web pages, it
can run any application that runs on Apple's Safari Web browser, Pichai said.

"If you are a Webmaster, and your site works in Apple Safari then it will work very well in
Google Chrome," he said.
*** END QUOTE ***

And Safari is based on KDE's Konquerer (which already runs on FreeBSD), so with a FreeBSD
version of Chrome, you would essentially have Konquerer ported to Apple, ported to Microsoft,
ported to Linux, ported back to FreeBSD....

Granted, improvements are made along the way... (but losses probably occur as well).

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