Locked myself out.

adrian adrian at gordinier.net
Tue Sep 2 04:09:05 UTC 2008

Hi all this is my first question on the list.

I had been playing with securelevels and was in level 3 then I mistakenly
executed "chflags schg /etc/rc.*"
It wouldn't be such a problem but it as you guessed is on a remote server
and I could pay a local guy there to drop to single-user but I thought this
might be a good attempt at self hacking. But I am kind of a noob to FreeBSD
so I have been Googleing and pouring over Absolute FreeBSD (Good book
Thank-you Michael Lucas) looking for someway to execute a script to copy
over my rc.conf before it loads. I figured it should be possible maybe
though the /etc/rc file but I have had no luck with that.
Please HELP!

Adrian Gordinier

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