Unix program that sends email directly using MX record

Sahil Tandon sahil at tandon.net
Sun Nov 30 07:28:19 PST 2008

Ott K?stner <OttK at zzz.ee> wrote:

> Peter Boosten wrote:
>> The most recent vulnerabilities of Postfix are from August and September
>> 2008, and I still use it. Also I use (with great happyness) Sendmail on
>> two machines, without any problems. The only problem ever caused was by
>> clamav.
> Would be interesting to know, what kind of problems have been there with 

None whatsoever.  I have used it for several years on FreeBSD without
incident.  There are, from time to time, some security vulnerabilities,
but they are handled swiftly by both the clamav developers and the
security/clamav port maintainer.

Sahil Tandon <sahil at tandon.net>

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