shell scripting problems

Mel fbsd.questions at
Sat Nov 29 06:24:30 PST 2008

On Saturday 29 November 2008 05:58:44 Tim Judd wrote:

> In the shell script, i have a
>   pkg_info -qLx "^$PKG-[0-9,._]+$"
> also tried (-X)tended regex instead of the standard rege(-x).

pkg_info -qLx "^${PKG}-[0-9,\._]+\$"
                -- 1--           -2-

@1: shell evaluates before regex. Use braces so that end of variable is 
@2: this shouldn't be evaluated by the shell, so escape it with a backslash. 
It's passed as dollar sign to the command.

Also, I'm relatively sure it needs -X for the + sign, but haven't tested.

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