XMing and FreeBSD

Roger Olofsson 240olofsson at telia.com
Fri Nov 28 09:17:15 PST 2008

Pieter Donche skrev:
> I have - in the same subnet - a WinXP PC and a multi-boot PC with
> a) OpenSuse10.3, b) FreeBSD-7.0 (and c) WinXP)
> I installed the free X-Windows server Xming on the WinXP PC,
> and I can connect to the other PC when it is booted in OpenSUSE 10.3:
> Xming is configured for 'open session via XDMCP', I specify fully 
> qualified hostname and I get the openSUSE username/password login
> screen, etc...
> (I didn't need to change anything in the OpenSuSE)
> But when that PC is booted into FreeBSD - XMing only gives me a screen 
> with a grey background and a black X - connection seems not established.
> The FreeBSD runs KDM as window manager and KDE as desktop.
> Why and how to remedy?
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Hello Pieter,

You might want to look over your settings in the following:


Make sure that paths/names etc are ok for the section about kde

                 # startup kde
                 if ! test -x $STARTKDE_PATH ; then
                         FindInPath $STARTKDE_PATH
                         if test -n "$result" -a -x "$result"; then
                 if [ -x $STARTKDE_PATH ] ; then
                         echo Starting kde >$HOME/.xwm.msgs
                         exec $STARTKDE_PATH -console >>$HOME/.xwm.msgs 2>&1

You should look for eventual settings for displaymanagers for KDM - I am 
sorry but I don not know where/how/if KDM has a setting for this. WDM 
has this in the wdm-config file - maybe KDM has something similar?

(The wdm setting is like this:
   DisplayManager*wdmWm:  WindowMaker:FluxBox)

You should also check your Xorg log files for any messages - they should 
be in /var/log.



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