5 TB server

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Fri Nov 28 06:00:56 PST 2008

> I thought of going on the ZFS way (on FreeBSD of course) with some

i think you already tested it well and compared to normal UFS.

> raidz. One of the problems
> is that the server will stay in their office so it has to be quite silent.
> I honestly don't know what hardware to look for so if you have any suggestions
> i'm more than open to hear them.
if i were you i would get any motherboard with 8 SATA ports, up to 8 1TB disks, cheapest available 
CPU, good PCIe gigabit cards or two.

if it has to be single volume i would use gstripe, or if it should be 
protected somehow - graid3 or graid5, and use UFS.

if it's not that important - simply making each whole drive as one 
filesystem and multiple mount points.

i strongly recommend later way - in case of any problems it's easiest to 

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