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Dear Website Manager,
The following outlines Cybernet Media Ltd's 12 month optimisation process. Following analysis into your industry and competitors within your industry, the main issues outlined below apply for  our search engine optimisation & Link Building services. 
Our Process:
As laid out, we practise Natural Search Engine Optimisation, this means that we have to increase a sites web presence by utilising both on page and off page optimisation techniques.
1.On page refers to the work we carry out on your home page to make your website search engine friendly and includes the key phrases at an appropriate density and in the appropriate way for the search engine to give your site more relevancy than others.
2.Off page Optimisation refers to establishing your site within the Intenet community. This is done by submitting your site to various high page ranked directories in order to increase your page rank and your listings in the Search Engines. It takes time for Google and other search engines to recognise the off page optimisation and update themselves and present the sites that link to yours as official back links. This process works on a cycle which happens every three – six months.
On Page Optimisation Work:
When you sign with ourselves we may recommend the addition/alteration of text on your home page. This text is necessary in order for the search engines to associate your home page with your key search phrases. Search engines work on the two principles mentioned above; a major part is the text recognition algorithm. If you do not mention the key phrases on the page you will not appear in the listings for that phrase. Full keyword density within and throughout the site is essential. A maximum of 3-5 keywords/search terms per page is best for good search engine results.
We will also write and add an Optimised Meta Structure and encode your key phrases with in it. We will also if necessary add a Robots dot text file to your server to instruct the search engine spiders what they can and cannot index. (What parts of your website the search engines can see.)
Once the work is done, your home page will then validate to the W3C standard. The W3C’s primary mission is the creation of Web standards and guidelines. Since 1994, W3C has published more than ninety such standards, called W3C Recommendations. In order for the Web to reach its full potential, the most fundamental Web technologies must be compatible with one another and allow any hardware and software used to access the Web to work together. W3C refers to this goal as “Web interoperability.” By publishing open (non-proprietary) standards for Web languages and protocols, W3C seeks to avoid market fragmentation and thus Web fragmentation.
We will also create and add the appropriate sitemaps to your website. The purpose of this is to get each individual page on your website indexed by Google and the other Search Engine Spiders. It also helps us to spread the Page Rank more evenly throughout the site.

Off page optimisation
This refers to your website status or web presence. Your web presence is indicated by a Google rating out of ten called Page Rank (PR). Page rank consists of the number of links pointing to your site and their status. Sites with high page ranks linking to yours with relevant content can boost your rankings greatly, however linking with sites that have no page rank, relevance or that are banned sites can be detrimental to your site. This is why we have a list of High page ranked directories where we can put your site in an appropriate category. We will also set you an account up with a popular link exchange programme and vet the links. This is so any requests that come for your site to exchange a link, we will check the status of the page they are offering a link with, if it is worthy of linking then a reciprocal link will be set up on a links page on your website. All link campaigns are bespoke to the clients site, and search phrases.
Completion of Programming:
Upon completion of programming, your file will then be passed through our Quality Assurance Tests. This is to make sure that the work carried out on your site meets many requirements and standards set by Cybernet Media LTD. If FTP access is an issue then it is possible to set up test servers for the above work to be carried out before passing the finished files back to yourselves for loading to your servers.
The breakdown of optimisation is as follows:
·  Full website analysis and keyword research 
·  Online competitor analysis (ongoing) 
·  Confirmation of keywords to be optimised 
·  Current site ranking report 
·  On page optimisation including addition of SEO friendly content 
·  Validation of home page to current W3C standards 
·  Inclusion of robots instruction file 
·  Search Engine site maps 
·  Manual submission to high PageRanked directories (ongoing) 
·  Ongoing maintenance of SEO program 
·  Monthly search engine ranking reports (ROI) 
·  Phone and email support during contract period from programmers and account managers 
·  Link Campaign

Recent Client Results:

Richard, "Used Cars" Ranking page 1 in,,  Tel: 01757 701 010
Simon Emerton, - "Fulfilment" Ranking page 1 in,, Tel: 01635 565 050
Matt, - "Bulgaria Property" Ranking page 1 in, and  Tel: 0208 695 7444
Oliver, -  "Risk assessments" Ranking page 1 in, and  Tel: 08453 66 99 33
David, -  "Diesel Jeans" "Evisu Jeans" "Lacoste Polo" Ranking page 1 in, and Tel: 0208 295 1355
Olivia Boland, - "Cosmetic Surgery" Ranking page 1 in, and  Tel: 0870 896 5859
Jonathan Allen, "Finance Jobs" "Accountant Jobs" Ranking page 1 in, and  Tel: 0207 316 9667
Mark Julier, "Wireless Network" Ranking page 1 in, and  Tel: 0800 310 2050
Sean, "Bathrooms" Ranking page 1 in, and  Tel: 0845 2255 045
Barry Sheen, http://www, "Decking Tiles" Ranking page 1 in, and  Tel: 0845 2700 696
Simon, "Gucci Watches" "Omega Watches" Ranking page 1 in, and  Tel: 0845 862 9977
Tony, "Corporate Signs" Ranking page 1 in, and  Tel: 0208 309 4200
Terry Boyle, "Blind Cleaning" Ranking page 1 in, and  Tel: 07801 225 227

I do hope this is of interest to you, and should there be any further questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards
Chris Mortimer
Cybernet Media LTD
Direct line: +44 (0)845 0090271
Mob: 07738100509
Fax: 0845 0090 279
Email: chris at
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