FreeBSD on a Mac Mini Intel?

Ian Jefferson ijeff at
Wed Nov 26 20:44:11 PST 2008

On Tue, 25 Nov 2008, Tom Marchand wrote:


> >>> Ian,
> >>>
> >>> You could always test it using VMWare Fusion........and then let
> >>> us know
> >>
> >> Er, Gee thanks.  I'll just have a word with the VMware guys about
> >> fully
> >> abastracting the mini in software... back in a jiffy.... ;-)
> >
> Actually VMWare has a Mac Version which is what the poster was
> probably referring to.
> _______________________________________________

FreeBSD 6.x installs and runs well as far as I can tell on VM-Ware Fusion.
This I Have done but I don't recall any specifics.  I'm pretty sure I
tried 6.1 and 6.3 but I forget which processor (amd64 vs i386).

However personal preference: I'd rather run the box native FreeBSD and not
have to bother with Mac OS X.

I was actually musing that this (VM) might be a nice way to pre-install a
complete custom system.  Install, configure, add packages, tweak your fav
kernel stuff, etc then dump/restore to a real disk and pop in to a
physical system.

I used to so something like this with NeXT systems.  Twerked good.

It all sounds promising enough to buy a new toy.  I'll let you all know
"real soon now" if/how I get it running.

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