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> > sorry for asking but what are this "limewire" programs are?
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> My unofficial take on it is that limewire is a peer-to-peer sharing
> application used by Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users to share files,
> usually music, often copyrighted, over the internet.  It is one of the
> fastest, most effective ways to spread viruses, trojans, spyware, etc.

Is this your FreeBSD POV or more windows oriented?

> The program does not use fixed ports, so the services are hard to
> block.  In essence, the program gets the user to bypass security
> measures from the inside.

I have never needed a block on limewire. Firstly, all main conmputers
run solaris and therefore also limewire on solaris and secondly, all
windows machines are virtual. So -IF- one of them is infected I just
put a recent snapshot ;-)

> If I am incorrect in my technical assessment, I welcome a correction.

Personally I'm not infected on windows machines recently by any
limewire connections. But ymmv.
> When people ask my advice about computers, I always include:  "Never
> use Limewire, or anything like it."

You can also say: use them but don't connect them to the net.
I know, I'm cynical here, but limewire is not all bad!

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