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Wed Nov 26 09:37:26 PST 2008

"fire jotawski" <jotawski at> writes:

> i did cvsup with supfile given in example,
> /usr/share/examples/cvsup/cvs-supfile,
> and set base to /var/db and prefix to /home/ncvs as suggested and then
> cvsup -g -L 2 -h HOST /usr/share/examples/cvsup/cvs-supfile
> where HOST is the one that run fastest in local area around my country.

Okay, so you have the CVS tree on that tree.

> my real problem is that i can not do cvsup from any machine in my office.
> but there is no problem at home.  so i simply bring my notebook home and do
> cvsup as above.  later on at the office, i want my other machine get
> /usr/src from my notebook but i can not and that's my problem.

Now I understand what you are trying to do.  

> and frankly speaking my english is quite poor, i spend the whole week end to
> understand documents cited.

Your written English is more than good enough for me to understand, so
your skills are obviously much better than the way you describe
yourself.  Now that you have spent much time understanding some of the
documents, you might be able to help others by working on the
translations for whichever language you would prefer to read in.

> unfortunately, that bring me more problem and that's why i revert back to my
> instinct with cvs.

Either way (cvs or cvsup) should work fine.  

The easiest way to use CVS directly would be to NFS-mount the CVS
repository on the client, and then checking out directly.  For example,
if the repository were mounted on /ncvs, the checkout command might be
something like 
  (cd /usr/src ; cvs -d /ncvs co -r <TAG> src-all )
[I haven't tested this; I may have made an error, and I'm not sure what
TAG you would want.]

For using cvsup, you can install the cvsup-mirror port on the machine
you want to use as the cvsup server.  It will ask you a number of
questions so that it can configure cvsupd properly, and you won't need
to worry about it.

Use whichever one you want; I don't see any reason to prefer one or the

Good luck.
Lowell Gilbert, embedded/networking software engineer, Boston area

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