large binary, why not strip ?

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Wed Nov 26 08:49:14 PST 2008

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> Kris Kennaway wrote:
>> Bonus points if you come up with a patch to do this: in most cases it
>> will be a simple matter of changing the port's do-install: target to
>> use INSTALL_* macros instead of cp/bsdtar etc.  This would be a good
>> project to get some familiarity with the ports tree.
> Would it be worthwhile to add a test and warning that all installed 
> binaries
> have not been stripped to the 'security-check' target in  
> That's
> not really what that target was intended for (feeping creaturism alert!) 
> but
> it's the obvious place to put such a test.
> Probably cleaner to create a whole new target, but that's going to 
> duplicate
> some code.
> Hmmmm... I shall work up some patches, probably over the weekend, so 
> there's
> something substantive to talk about.

Done: ports/129210

For the record, I also discovered that, contrary to what I said earlier,
there is  apparently one class of binary object that will not work correctly
if stripped: kernel loadable modules.

As others have commented, most shlibs installed from ports aren't stripped.
The same applies to almost any sort of pluggable module (perl, PHP etc.) that
I have been able to investigate.



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