freebsd-update and sources / custom kernel

Manolis Kiagias sonic2000gr at
Tue Nov 25 12:16:56 PST 2008

andrew clarke wrote:
> On Tue 2008-11-25 07:16:44 UTC+0100, Zbigniew Szalbot (zszalbot at wrote:
>> I hope you can clear my doubts. When I use freebsd-update to update a
>> machine with a custom kernel, do I need to fetch sources before I
>> rebuild the kernel or are they fetched by freebsd-update utility?
> freebsd-update will update the kernel sources on the condition that
> the Components setting is configured correctly in freebsd-update.conf.
> Normally you'd use:
> Components src world kernel
> Then after a successful update, if you're not using the GENERIC
> kernel, you should rebuild the kernel with your custom settings.
> After the new kernel is installed you should reboot the machine.

Correct, and let me also add that the above setting is the default one,
so unless you edited the file yourself (highly unlikely) you are already
getting the sources when using freebsd-update.

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